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Today we’re covering The Best Investments to Start Investing Better as part of our teachings.

Many of you were bank investors, and some decided to start investing recently.

If you just decided to start investing, you may be discovering a new world out of the bank platform and a genuine interest in getting the most you can of your investments, not the financial institution.

In the second scenario, you may be worried about risks and stocks to buy.

Both scenarios may be needing to pick up new investments or reallocate wisely.

Ok, good. The world that we live in today is entirely different from the ’20s and ’30s, or even the modern days of investing; we are living in the times that we can invest almost anywhere in the world, from our sofa, not the bank chair. And most importantly, you can do it safely using the Factual System.

To start, what kind of job do you have? What type of consumer are you? What kind of things do you usually buy?

Do you usually diversify your options? If not, it may be because you feel that you don’t have enough information or know so much in your field that you prefer to stick with what you want to.

Both cases work well, and it depends on how much knowledge you have of what you are doing.

I’m assuming that you are looking for new ways of investing more safely.

Let’s see the case of one of our subscribers and students of the Factual Investing System who use to invest in banks and have lost some good money. One of the first thinkings he did was starting investing in ETFs. Why? Because he watched the Investment Basis course and found out that that’s the best way of investing for those who don’t have the proper knowledge and time.

ETFs are kinds of funds that follow the market of a sector or other purpose, depending on the ETF.

If that is your case, unless, for know, you can also start investing in the Best Investments to Start Investing Better; That is investing in ETFs.

For example, let’s say that you want to invest in the United States Economy and Brazilian Economy, all you can do is buy two ETFs, one for each option. If you do it, I assume that you believe that this economy will be growing in the future and all you need to do is choose what percentual of your believe you believe more…

If you believe more in the United States economy, you can invest more in that ETF. If you feel more in the Brazilian economy, for example, you will be choosing a more significant stake of your money to be invested in that ETF.

It’s effortless, and you can do it for sectors like Technology, Industry, E-commerce, Health Care, REITs, and more.

It’s straightforward to do it. But remember to diversify your investments.

All you need to do is:

  • Open your HomeBroker
  • Choose which ETFs you are a believer of
  • Choose the percentual you want to invest in each of them.
  • Buy the ETF’s

Do you want to see some examples, follow the next Article on #ETFs

If you have further questions about this, please comment below or contact us.

Move ahead. Good acts make the right results in life.

Think wisely, act right.



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