How to deal with a Stock Broker


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Welcome to this Factual’s Specials Series of Learning to Invest.

In the last episode, we taught you how to choose a brokerage account; notice that it’s widespread to contact a Stock Broker and receive some calls from them today; you’ll learn how to deal with a stockbroker.

This article is prepared specially for our subscribers who are willing to invest in stocks, funds, REITs, commodities, cryptos, and more but still didn’t sign up for the Truth About Money classes nor the Factual Method.

How to Deal with a Stock Broker; Specially developed to Factual Method Students.

First, always prefer to learn to invest and avoid receiving tips and arguments from others, groups, and news.

Do you need to follow the news media? Really?

A Stockbroker is someone that works for you and should give you attention to the subjects needed, most important, answer your questions with facts.

Before choosing a Stockbroker, use this process to help you along the way.

  1. He has more knowledge in Stocks more than Sales.
  2. He answers your questions.
  3. He gives information to you. Not prices.
  4. He supports you and calls back.
  5. He answers your questions (again).

The more knowledge you have more you’ll be able to ask the right questions. If that’s the case, don’t give credit to people that seem more knowledgeable than you in a subject, listen and think with your mind.

Don’t accept the fact that if some else has an asset, you also should buy it. Every investor is different. 

Remember that you are the boss.

Never terceirize your knowledge in the hands of others. Learn and be free and always avoid people with a sales approach.

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Move ahead. Good acts make the right results in life.

Think wisely, act right.



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