Connect the dots.

Sometimes life gives you a mystery, and you must work it out.

Yesterday we went to 3 stunning beaches, had lunch in Portuguese Cuisine, Had coffee in one of the most growing places to buy properties, and got home without traffic. To celebrate my birthday, we went to the see.

I tell you what I see as critical things to know, and you should know to prepare yourself with the best things I see to contribute to your wealth. It’s serious work; it involves many people worldwide and can really define your wealth if you act right.

It’s not about the money itself… follow me below…

I try to connect some points, and you figure yours out; besides, we have a 24/7 available series of courses, audios, and teachings from our proprietary system. To help you apply the private information we bring. It’s about your business, life, and decision-making that put you ahead of your time. Today, only the wealthiest had the opportunity to have this kind of heads up…

Here are some of the trends and movements we have been able to follow recently… 

  • Dollar appreciation over the Brazilian Real;
  • Great Fortune’s Secrets (Factual Wealth System);
  • Brazilian High Value-Quality Stocks;
  • Gold trend;
  • Silver trend;
  • Bitcoin trend (2015 to 2021);
  • Tech stocks trend;
  • Alternative food trends;
  • COVID recovering time;
  • Stockmarket meltdown;
  • Crypto’s fall-out;
  • Economic Disaster (unfolding);
  • Agro normalization (unfolding);
  • Commodities Prices (unfolding)

What does it all have with your future and wealth? Why does not knowing it makes your life riskier?

The missing point.

We can never trust public information…news, media, influencers, banks, stock brokers, financial advisory…the riches uncle…the messaging group…

Not an easy job to tell people what they aren’t ready to hear. But someone must, so the planet can be better and safer. Sure enough, we can live the life of our dreams can become the best version of ourselves.

We can’t help you with what stocks to buy or sell. We see the whole picture, and it’s much more critical. So you can connect the dots that are missing in your life. We speculate on what’s coming… we look to the past, to the economy, markets, human behavior, cycles, trades, how to get rid of daily dementia, how to be more successful and live a better life… we do that as a hobby because we like following the money to best know our holdings, subsidiaries, trends, and business… we do it to ourself… improve ourselves.

A bag and a hole…

Imagine if you couldn’t learn… you could only repeat the same errors as the public opinion would like you to do.

Or imagine with a map that just shows your life paths… not the century years of wisdom about the planet.

Perhaps in the next meltdown, price devaluation, financial crises, political issues, and alerts, we say we were right; we already knew it… we can try to save ourselves or ask for a government rescue… We can see people around us prospering in life. You can try to find a job or a new client, but is it just that? Many people get sick just by watching the news and talking to toxic people. We know that. We speculate on the contrary side. For most, it’s just a big heads up about your near, medium-term, and long-term future… 

We hope it’s worth it. And when we cut the mainstream talk, we let you live in the now, create the moment of lucid experiences, and think on your own.

What do I realize? You don’t need to work harder; you just need to be smarter, and mostly…

Don’t settle.

Marcelo Marini

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About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

Marcelo Marini is a businessman, financier, and author. He writes the Independent Thinking Newsletter to more than 20,000 readers in 15 countries.

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