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Overthinking… stress… high workload… 

I’m grateful for that! Why?

Yesterday an old-time reader Pablo sent us this… (thanks Pablo!)

More than 50% of millennials are burned out, research shows. Burnout is the result of unmet expectations, high workload, and lack of recognition and growth opportunities. – Forbes

That was me 15 years ago… I think you remember…

Now look…

That has shown me the changes I needed to make to find realization not suffering.

Life gives you the answers you put out in your thoughts… are you listening?

Most people don’t get the power of their own feelings… Imagine a river hitting the rock… I think you get it.

“Most millennials (near 40 years old) say work is still central to their sense of identity, second only to their family and friends” – Forbes

…Trying to find realization just at work, and not in your life can be easily amplified and become a real danger to your health and wealth!

Contrary thinking… if we don’t have a life we don’t have work, so why focus more on work than life? That’s a huge paradigm to be clear.

Here’s the tool I use (FREE) not just to help me imagine but to create a day with a more profound life.

This “common habit” will turn your life into a joyful experience as you go throughout your day with the essential activities that will not only make you feel good but prepare you to live a better life, starting now.

I don’t know a single entrepreneur whose work would not be improved by this – and that includes me.

All the best!

Marcelo Marini

P.S.: Feel free to share this tool with friends and family! Leave your comments!

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Marcelo Marini is a businessman, financier, and author. He writes his letters to more than 20,000 readers in 15 countries.

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