Invest in New York.

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NEW YORK – A place to invest.

New York, New York

For years New York City was a forgotten city in many ways. I came here for the first time in 2005, and by my calculations, I have been here more than 22 times. Do you love New York?

New York is not a common city, in my opinion you can begin to understand the city, the pace of life and the community after coming for the 4th.

There’s a new New York everyday in Times Square and the media. But you can find comfort in the capital of the world?

During Pandemic

One of the best times to invest in an asset is when it’s devaluated. During the pandemic, the city was empty. Many people moved back to other countries; many moved to a nearby place they like. Many people stayed at tiny homes or moved to their family’s houses while online working.

For the city? It was a disaster.

Remember when Donald Trump made his first investments in the Penn Station area? The area was a disaster.



We don’t know anything about the end of the pandemic or how people will live after these days, but I see many people back on the street, at events, restaurants, libraries, offices, everywhere.

There are still great discounted opportunities. Do you know how you can invest in New York from your sofa?

Stay ahead.


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