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Being in New York brings me tons of memories, but I always prefer to live the new.

I’ve been here for the first time before working in the Facility Services in Denver, Colorado.

I remember the cold days that I dreamed about being here again.

In fact, I’ve been here more than 20 times and spend days and months dreaming of it.

One of the things that wonder me is how you can get from point A to point B for the first time.

How can someone leap and start living a new life?

Even when you need to create a completely new path.

But you have a feeling that you will succeed no matter what, because You were built to do it, like a machine to do this job.

How can you learn to accomplish your dreams?

That’s the real game to me.

Hoop in the member’s exclusive Podcast where I’m gonna dive into this world of possibilities.

Stay ahead.

Listen to the member’s exclusive Podcast where I’m gonna dive in this world of possibilities.


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