Investor Fail. Number 1: Mindset.

New York – Many investors fail to recognize that they invest so much time reading the news.

Never copy a portfolio.

Most investors think that someone else’s investments are better than theirs; that’s why every average investor is looking for new ideas daily or try to model other’s portfolios, which does not work for anyone. But, unfortunately, this strategy is a failure, and the risks involved are higher.


Your mind is the combination of thoughts that led you to a way of thinking. Your mindset is the way you think in an occasion.

Anyone can change the way of thinking by changing how you behave or how you feel.

If you feel sad about missing a opportunity you can notice it and fell happy about knowing it and than go to the next good thought.

It really can change you mind.

Instead of thinking I’m gonna need to do X things, you can change your mind by saying that you are very fortunate to have this opportunity in life. In fact, if you are one of our subscribers, you are the 1% of the people that invest wisely or think about your life instead of just live.

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