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February 20th, 2021 – Factual Daily PRO – Issue 0077 – Year 3 – Factual Manhattan L.L.C. – Author: Marcelo Marini

Getting it out of your way to your financial indepence…

Day in and day out people are concerned with the ups and downs. Why?

When there’s no objective or clear vision of what do you want to achieve you can feel embarased with the things that aren’t in your control.

Learning to manage the things that is in your control is the right way path to your financial freedom.

Where do you put your money in? Is it worth it?

If you are concerning about your investments you should not invest the way you’re doing it.

Remember the more important choice is to invest in your knowledge, and therein lies the opportunity to change your life, day by day.

At this time you should have made at least 20% this year, but that doesn’t me you have the right to lay in the sofa.

Remember always.

  1. First protect your money of changing its pocket.
  2. Second, invest in a diversifible way (at least in the first years).
  3. Don’t try to understand the markets and its movement, its impossible.

Don’t rely on luck, luck is a external thing. Rely on your vision to yourself and use your clear mind to clear the path to your financial resources.

We are living a time that money can be made mentally by the intelligent investors that know how to pick a quality without risking your savings.

Keep it up and choose wisely.

Marcelo Marini


About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

Marcelo Marini is a businessman, financier, and author. He writes the Independent Thinking Newsletter to more than 20,000 readers in 15 countries.

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