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No Time

No time to be rich. That’s the most common excuse people say about money.

I wrote recently of many new opportunities in business and financial independence, if you don’t start you’ll never gonna make it.

Generally, people have lots of extra time but they prefer spending it the same way they care about their finances, not caring at all.

Spending, spending, spending

As some rapper once said… spending is the better way of living like the millionaires.

I’m not surprised why they are famous, and I’m less surprised why they are spending.

Spending is the best way of selling yourself off and pretend you are having a good time, sometimes it’s related to a poor mentality and an easy and fast way of thinking you are what you’re not.

Think Big

Raw materials are soaring, the economy is collapsing, Fed is driving inflation, financial markets are driving their bonuses and you are driving your failure. Get rid of all these common-sense errors and live an abundant life.

The best way of making money is investing:

First in yourself so read the best you can read and the best you can do is doing it daily.

Second, cut the time spent in the bla-bla-bla lifestyle, you can think you’re having fun but you’re truly repeating the same error of balancing your energy channels with people that are not real achievers.

Third, plan and take notes of your financial goals weekly, and don’t do anything that isn’t financially planned. Think like the real rich.

Money is a mentality.

Lifetime opportunity

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Stay tuned, stay ahead.


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