No reason founded.

The economy is going up or down?

Stocks are going up or down? Where the economy is heading to? Is it safe to be like always… to challenge the reason, the unexpected?

People tend to take their work to travel with them; they take their minds wherever they go.

Therefore, they cannot enjoy their lives. 

They tend to be stuck and attached to their actions.

No present moment… just guess over guess… expectation over expectation.


They cannot allow life’s orchestra to run their lives because they cannot see around.

They cannot leave their sick minds for a moment; in ways that they would live an abundant life.

They think life’s abundance is not reserved for them, which shows where their minds are looking, outside.

They cannot see their entire being magnificence.

People tend to be their own prisoners.

Stay tuned.

Keep walking the path.


About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO


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