Ok, Elon Musk bought Twitter. Here are our 5 minutes thoughts.

Here are a few challenges we think of he’s going to get.

We think that the most challenging change that can occur in a company is cultural change.

That’s why many familiar companies are privately held. Then, when they become public companies, executives, investors, and outsiders can split the company.

There’s no right or wrong.

Families run businesses. Entrepreneurs run a business as well. Professional run business as well. 

Jack Dorsey is an entrepreneur focused on product development and innovative ideas. He and Elon can be very similar in various aspects regarding entrepreneurship and ventures, like the love for technology, innovation, and bitcoin.

Twitter culture is based on Jack Dorsey’s ideal world of how he sees businesses and people. The same way goes for Elon. Therefore they have different perspectives when dealing with people.

Twitter is like having no boss and no decision-making.

Tesla is like having it all.

Challenges to Elon’s Twitter.

  • Company culture;
    • Lack of management;
    • Lack of decision making;
    • Lack of owner view;
  • Technology
    • Lack of Personalities use;
    • Bots;
    • How to create a habit for content creation;
  • Management:
    • Unfocused management;
    • Unban accounts?

What would Elon do?

  • Will Twitter become what X could have become before being bought by Paypal?
  • Will Twitter be more into Bitcoin?
  • Will Twitter be part of a more significant communication or exchange plan?

Can a Love or Hate movement challenge or push Tesla stocks down?

Your guess?

Would you buy Tesla today? Would you buy Twitter?

What are your thoughts?

More to come.


About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

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