Porshe’s deal and the whole economical efficiency theory.

Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil.

I headed to Santa Catarina once more. Here’s the place I can reconnect and start fresh new ideas. It has been the place I’ve been recharging for many years; I’m always delighted to be here.

The whole thing about the Market efficiency theory is nuts. Go live somewhere not developed yet. Third countries like Brazil, for example, realize the entire picture of inflation, deflation, monetary theory, and old economics.

Take Brazil as an example. You can buy a Porshe and resell it for a profit. You can earn money by enjoying life in a Porshe. That sounds nuts. Isn’t it? But that’s the kind of market efficiency established in times of madness, both mental and economical; you can read it upside down.

It doesn’t matter how hard you work; if you don’t have objectives and think big, you can’t get to that kind of deal. It’s reserved for the wealthy, sometimes the not too wise.

People that have an attitude can accomplish anything in life. Those that lack attitude and know can’t. Attitude is a game of for the tough. It doesn’t matter what your purpose is. If you are tough on your objectives, you can accomplish them anyway.

As I like to say, money is a mental thing, those that earn enough know that zero are some kind of miraculous that appear every time you are achieving greatness. It doesn’t depend on time. It’s a mental thing; it depends on the toughness.

You can accomplish anything by being focused on an objective and living as it has already been completed. The universe reserves this miraculous. Those who know know.

It all depends on your mind. Take Argentine, Brazil, neighbors and their mindset, then compare.

Non-developed countries mindset X Developed countries mindset.

It’s hard.

But the bad news is that a non-developed mindset is setting new highs in the developed countries.

We need to fight wisely. Start by activating your own goals.

There’s a difference between talking and doing.

Always try to be a doer, no matter how hard it’s. The more you get things done, the more you can do it.

The main idea of working is to help others accomplish something while also accomplishing something on your side.

The whole stress idea is trying to do something that isn’t right for that particular moment.

Do we need to rebuild this reackless economy?

Who are you serving?



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