The more expensive, the lower the risk.

February 9, 2021 - Factual Daily PRO - Edition 0070 –– Year 3 - Factual Manhattan L.L.C. - Author: Marcelo Marini
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Yesterday we were surprised by the news that Tesla #TSLA invested 1.5 billion dollars in Bitcoins and that it included the option to invest in #ouro and #ETF of #ouro.
After maturation, crypto-assets are being used with a convexity strategy, which aims to minimize exposure risks and maximize gains.
We headed for 50 thousand dollars.
Points to add, other crypto-assets tend to benefit from this Bitcoin movement.
Other companies will tend to allocate part of their resources in cryptos just as funds have already done.
See below some ways to expose yourself to Crypts even without buying them, I still include Paypal that already transacts on your American platform.
Rumo aos 50 mil dólares.

Below there are some companies with crypto allocations today.

Empresas alocadas atualmente

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