The Right Mentality

New York – There’s no better way to learn fast than talking to your customers, getting on the street, talking to people, and understanding things, even for an investor.

There’s no better way to understand the news about COVID-19 related to airlines than to get in the airport and fly; add more of that going to a gym, a hotel, a coffee, or shopping. Walk on the streets and look at the buildings. Everything is teaching you more about business if you have a system to follow.

Crypto Crucial Level

As we told our members at yesterday’s podcast (link below), this time is crucial to crypto holders. Hoop on in the podcast and get your own thoughts and insights.

The Power of a Community

If in doubt, talk to people, but not the ones that have the same doubts as you, neither those who are willing to follow your path nor the ones scared of doing what you do.

The community has power when it gives knowledgeable people, experts, people from real experience, theoretical or practical, those who can read a financial bible, behavioral bible, or talk to the people on the street. There are so many chiefs and not enough Indians or the other way around? Be part of a knowledgeable egregore, read books, watch documentaries, listen to podcasts. Still, all you do… do it with the right people, the ones you can trust.

The better way to know it is not trusting anyone but letting them show you why they are reliable in a special field.

Right Mentality

It’s always best to avoid overthink and try to focus on the few 20% that give you 80% of the results, not the other way around. Listen now the Episode 194 – Crypto Critical Level.

Stay tuned. Stay ahead.


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