The sad case of the end of the early adopters?

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CANCUN, MEXICO – Yesterday we took a day off…

We thought it was about to be a rainy day but the weather app was wrong and we end up at the beach. Technology is something weird.

You can’t trust technology. Not 100%.


If you say you don’t like me… I wouldn’t say I don’t like you either…

Cryptocurrency’s greatest adversary is also its most significant rival.

Will the government allow cryptocurrency to be its rival?

China’s RMB digital has already shown who controls the forces of the financial markets.

You don’t need to like it, you just need to learn to work with it… Will disrupcy win this time?


Inflation is coming as a genuine concern. Materials prices are skyrocketing… Some industries had 200% costs increase in some special materials… Prepare for a cash devaluation.


You can be smart, but don’t try to be the smartest.

Do you know what you are doing? Do you invest because do you think it’s a suitable investment, or you realize the real deal in investing?

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Stay ahead.


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