Truth has a feeling…

Inflation and the stock meltdown

Marcelo Marini typing from southern Brazil,

Alright, nothing seems more accurate than the feeling of the truth.

Truth has a feeling…

And there’s a feeling of truth in the air.

As we see inflation and the stock meltdown, we feel that something is going wrong, and maybe that doesn’t depend so much on us.

Yesterday’s transit was chaotic, and inflation was tremendous. Usually, we know how to deal with the first, not the second.

If you go to the supermarket and come back, you might not know it, or perhaps you do, but the truth comes to you if you go out for lunch.

In our view, it’s all about facts, you can tell people 100 stories, but if you want to deliver results, you get to show them.

Prices changed, and we missed the point, or did the government and the whole economy? Why do we do so much and work so hard if our money loses value? If people had known it sooner, they could have bought some stocks, land, a house, or a horse.

What did we do wrong if not what they told us?

Does the credit kill us again?

People work hard, pay bills, and try to live the best they can, but what’s the point?

Nobody cares about the economy and finances… politicians care about power and ego… then the whole structure is broken.

Do they should? What do they know to tell you what to do?

Then truth can be revealed… or not.

We can’t stop.

Speak to you soon,

Marcelo Marini


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