Why You Are Mistaken About Money

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Today let’s talk about why you are mistaken about money and investing.

Generally, the average investor trusts financial institutions and financial specialists, professionals, and “knowledgeable” professionals because they overset expectations about them.

They think that they can trust someone else’s opinion; in some cases, it’s true, but not in most of them.

Financial professionals tend to think just mathematically and forget about morals and respect.

Their clients tend to look to them as heroes; in fact, they are ordinary people that look smart because they have some talent with rationalization and numbers, just that.

That alone can’t prove that they are a good person or trustworthy of your attention and even money.

Think twice before trusting your work with “knowledgeable professionals” to check how they help you understand.

Learn, think wisely, Don’t outsource your intellect.

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About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

Businessman, financier, and author with over 20,000 readers across 4 continents.

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