Why you should be MORE Grateful?

I thought I was grateful…

I mean, when somebody asked me to be grateful I used to think… yeah… that’s simple… I’m…

or in a chat, I would say… aha… yeah… it is really important.

but are you, REALLY? Why should you be MORE grateful than you think you already are?

Look, I have read books that included gratitude, but I could not understand that “simple idea” or writing exercise…

If we don’t understand we don’t do it… or sometimes we think we already understand so we shouldn’t do what we already know (big mistake)… my case was the second.

When you think you already know something there’s no point in being open to learning more…


it wasn’t until I was in a really bad health situation that my wife showed me the importance of being grateful daily, taking the time to write it down, and getting emotionally involved with grateful feelings. 

As she explained to me the process I got interested in getting more in-depth about how gratitude works in our minds and I discovered that it is one of the highest-level mechanisms to attract the best to our lives.


Actually, gratitude, alongside admiration are some of the top emotions you can have and develop to level up your frequencies and attract good things in your life. 

As commonly people are slaves of their thoughts they cannot choose a specific thought that would boost their emotional level to reach higher positive vibrations and feelings.

As I like to repeat… if you don’t train your brain your life becomes a mess…

As you become more open to accepting the good things you already have (getting emotionally involved with it) and the things that expect that are coming into your life…

it will increase your level of awareness and you will be willing and accept more good things to happen in your life. 

You have to be before you receive it.

Think like a new job as a president of a corporation… you won’t get the invitation if you first don’t become eligible for that position… so you have to put the work first and the results will come out.

As the same goes… being really grateful, like engaging in this thought or writing process will make you attract more of what you are already grateful for in your life.

However, it doesn’t work if you do not practice!

So today, after years of using it and being delighted by its natural positive benefits I’m sharing with you the paper I use (FREE) to help me not only to achieve more but to become happier today. 

I’m glad my wife told me this! The sooner the better!

It’s one of the top feelings you can bring to your life whenever you want!


Have a great week!

Best wishes!

Marcelo Marini


P.S.: Philosophy can change your life for the better as it did with mine… O Incognito’s website.

About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

Marcelo Marini is a businessman, financier, and author. He writes his letters to more than 20,000 readers in 15 countries.

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