You say you love me, but you lie.

AI…Kids playing…social disaster coming

You say you love mebut you lie. – Arthur Hamilton.

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If a car stops because it runs out of gas it is not saying that it doesn’t want to run anymore. The only problem is that you think it’s telling you something…

AI is a lie.

In one thing we have to agree. Machines don’t have emotions, although they can make humans get emotional, especially if they are weak. So the only way for a machine to have emotions is to make you emotional… and that’s a problem.

Ask an IA and get a response…

Is it right is it wrong… we never know.

AI certainly helps people and businesses to get more things done, no doubt about that, but when you try to get a machine to answer your questions you should not expect a real answer.


The real man is not average, the real man is not found in groups or communities, the real man is always different and unique.

AI is a money trend. The money flows to the news, banks, stock market, media, programmers, and now even Manhattan Real Estate… Wrong cycle? We assume they know what they are doing…

‘Til the next trend comes up… ups, and downs, fugazi, it doesn’t even exist.

PC Lovers.

Like a computer in the ’80, that could make all the difference in companies, speed the way of work, and be efficient, but then every company and human being got one, and all that differentiation got translated into equal opportunities for those who have access to a computer. Nothing special…

Blackberries could make you reply to instant emails from out of the office, imagine the stocks booming… now, everybody got an iPhone…

AI is a buzz.

It will control us? Just if we continue to obey them, it’s a choice… the problem is that the kids now learn to obey the microwave alarm and the phone notification since they are born…

Kids love imagination…

Many grow up and end up living their life as they use to play their favorite games, drink the same milk, talk the same slang, dress the same sweater, and shoes, and may eat the same morning breakfast and chocolate brand. Be single forever, who knows?

Kids and Forever Kids.

But a response… an honest answer… is what most of today’s kids fear getting…

They are coded to be weak, fragile, and don’t produce, just consume, society-wise, that’s dangerous!

You can’t get something out if you don’t do something out.

When they produce something, sadly it’s some data that it can be lost…leaked, and easily destroyed by the next generation. Digital trash is just an illusion of optics.

How can a man get better if he is never wrong? If we cry after missing a shot? and if someone consoles him…

Confidence is something you learn by being wrong and persistent. The real world does not wait… it reveals the answers after you put in some extra effort.

Are they using their brains?

We are just wondering…

More next…

Marcelo Marini


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