If I Told You Lately… The Prophecy unveils.

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Good morning, yesterday’s class was amazing. Investments of the Future is THE course from here to the future.


#Bitcoin has been hitted and it’s just to show you how unstable investors are. It’s not about technology itself… Things to learn… never get too emotional about assets, even digital, they don’t care what you think. You’d better study asset allocation and not get attached to trends, even the real ones like #cryptocurrence.


Banking is dead, we’ll see many changes in the future, rules made by humans are destroying the banking system, you learn or you get pissed off. Derivatives and bonuses have made unprecedented warmth to the financial system and lack of rules don’t work well if people don’t know how to behave, the more you protect the less people learn from it’s mistakes. Don’t over stimulate investment people. The greatest investors are not bankers.


When it all comes down hightech will survive. There’s no indicator that the future is going to be analogic. Life is getting digital day by day. Yesterday Bitcoin was plumering and #spotify was soaring. The new trend is till HighTech.

Buffett is a HighTech investor. Keep to the fundamentals.

By the way

Next week we’re going to keep high volatility. It’s definitely going to be an interesting week to see how far can #criptocurrency investors can survive to price fluctuations going down.

Stay focused. Stay ahead.

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