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Many years ago I created a training program for successful entrepreneurs, the program, available in Portuguese as Guide to Successful Entrepreneurship was one of my first successes as a teacher.

As part of a mentoring program in NYC, I designed the idea of teaching entirely new ways to achieve great success in a new business, all the program was tested by my background in years of experience founding and leading business and teams.


Now I have a new commitment with you that is to help you achieve your dreams as a student of The Factual Money System, a step before learning to invest like a Pro in The Factual Investing Program.

I’ll guide our paying member’s through the processes of building wealth, making decisions that lead to prosperity, and design a better lifestyle. It’s going to be a guide to make your life wealthier and better through critical analysis and methods of decision-making that can be used in your personal and professional life. Now 5 years later the need to commit is yours.

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Decision-making, business, and finances are much more likely to offer you a better lifestyle than investing your money in a bank. In one you are passive and in the other you are active. Being actively involved in the process will develop the mental strength needed to be a successful person in almost every field. Aim to the moon and work relentlessly to your goals, no matter what is your current position, only you can make it.

Reminder: Being a money achiever

Many people need to have a mentor or someone that can review their objectives. It can be a coach, a friend, or a mentor. Here at Factual Money we’ll provide you the possibility to learn from real experts in real-time.

The Factual Money System, which is where Corporate Finance Specialist Marcelo Marini will teach you the secrets of solid finances and a better lifestyle. If you believe that you can achieve greater results and a unique lifestyle you are invited to our outstanding program, on May, 14th. 11am|2pm EST -5.

Visit the link https://factual.money/events and become a financial achiever.



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