Is Apple an Old Company? Tesla can be hit?

NEW YORK – And still a loved company? Just that?…

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At this point, you know I love tech while I’m still a tech geek and traditional dinosaur – that makes me a great investor – stocks are still old Wall Street while techs are the mainstream or the Silicon Valley. Two years ago, I attended a conference of one of the first Microchips billionaires in silicon valley; you can be old and still cool. Big money is made by waiting.

Apple’s new M1 processor is far ahead of Intel’s and it changes the whole Apple products stream… even products to come.


Meanwhile, no competitor is near beating Google, Apple, and Amazon… globalization is making you rich by investing from your sofa. No Stress, just a method. In the case of Tesla, Elon Musk is still far below Steve Jobs and his team… Are VW, Audi, and Porshe leaping over electric cars? Why people prefer investing in car makers than their suppliers?… Questions are what make you a great decision-maker and investor.


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