Life is a gift!

Good morning!

Out of drama, folks!

This is an absurd lifestyle!

If you live this way for 30 days, I believe you will triple your performance.

Today I woke up at 5:30 am, no alarm, just birds singing some song… was it Guns N Roses’s Patience? Mozart? I could not get it…

But! I realize it was a gift. Every day is a gift! To be alive is a great gift!

Do you realize where a positive mind can go?

Shower time.





I wrote my daily notes.

I got to the gym and ran!

I bought fruits and vegetables that are an essential part of my diet.

Things to know:

You got to check boxes! Transform your hobby in the way you live your life!

I developed my morning routine, diet, note-keeping, work, and night preparations. It’s stunning! When you change your attitude, change your life! 

We keep up the infinite prosperity cycles by sharing them with our students.

We love teaching our way of life! What a great life!

We don’t want to be productive. We want to be more efficient. We want to live the gift!

Life is a gift, and I keep listening to birds! Certainly, it’s another special day to be alive.

Keep following the path.


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