What life you want?

Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash

It’s very common to find people either doing two things.

  • Talking about trivialities;
  • and things that they don’t like or wish could be somehow they wanted.

It’s no surprise what they attract into their lives.

They live a life of expectation and frustration as if they were predestined to live a certain time, in a certain manner regardless of what they do.

Thinking is a tool, they don’t teach you at school, but in fact you can learn to attract and live the life you want today.

Money can be earned, happiness can be planned. 

Most people don’t change. They don’t make the decision. They wait enough so they can’t go any further. Is it good or bad? We question…

More coming, 

Stay tuned.

Marcelo Marini

About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

Marcelo Marini is a businessman, financier, and author. He writes his letters to more than 20,000 readers in 15 countries.

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