World upside-down.

No management… no hope…the next meltdown…

Marcelo Marini, typing today from southern, Brazil.

We drove for 4 hours. This is my work desk today.

Marcelo Marini’s desk today, somewhere in southern Brazil.

Tastes old, smells old, but it’s solid… not fragile like today’s economic world… I’m sure this old desk will resist the next economic meltdown… like the farmers, the old industrials. Not so sure about “prestige” business…the lunatics… that’s the real world. 

Dear reader,

World upside-down.

We can argue and think of a hundred reasons why society is evolving… we guess not in the big centers where humanity has lost its reason.

Here’s the big picture. We have a war happening, we have two digits inflation where the poor gets poorer. We have higher interest rates where debt hit the roof. Stock-market correction… and yet most of the companies we met will be caught… why?

It takes time to be hit… as written in the last two weeks things are becoming really weird… we will see an economic disaster… the fallacy of the buy-buy-buy… the fallacy of central bankers…banks…stock brokers…Immobiliare

Even worst.

No management.

Mostly, we have no management… 80% of business closings before their fifth year. Many companies that surpassed this metric are zombies…living by refinancing…debt over debt. Our point is that maybe they are not helping their business health sustain the business for the long run… and if there’s no healthy business, there is no healthy family!

Take gas prices…tomato…coffee…meat…commodities…rent… nobody question…

While many people don’t realize, we are already inside the tornado… it’s spinning…twisting…starting… it will be mass destruction… but no alarms will set for the everyday worker… 

No hope.

Most of the businesses on the planet are familiar businesses… we are bigger than the trillion-dollar companies… but there’s no way to track it, we are not on the Nasdaq…are we stronger?

We are everyday family people, working hard and doing the best we can to build a healthy, wealthy family… however… we are alone… that’s why we don’t wait for the governament to help us – that’s probably what the central banks will do in the next meltdown, help some trillion-dollar company survive – while millions of small business don’t have where to go… or we have… we have to work…

Left alone. We don’t have benefits, the shelters are in the capitals, in the government institutions… for the policymakers.

If we expect to know that by watching the daily news… we can assure you that it won’t be there, at least not until it’s already done… when it’s too late.

Perhaps we’ll learn, we will take over our own finances, and business and build a really solid business, that depends less on others, politics, and rulers… when we learn to use our capital, our own business to create a solid long-term financial wealth.

Take your seat or run! We have never seen something like this.


Marcelo Marini

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