Fooled for decades

The odds are not in favor of the common man. Why?

Marcelo Marini, typing today from southern Brazil.

Well, well, well…

There should be two types of people, those that take action, those that wait… we may be the third…

Fooled for decades

We’ve seen a ton of stockbrokers in recent times… will they know what’s coming? Will they save their clients? Will they take expensive vacations in Vail or Switzerland? Not all of the above is correct…

Bankers could have called you recently… interest rates are hiking… let’s take another financing before it’s too late?

We could have trusted someone is taking care of us… but who? The government…the ruler…the central banker…the banker…the broker?

There’s no real signal that “the best is yet to come…” we question it… however, no one is going to save you! That’s for sure…

Out of control.

Every man is a businessman by nature… we negotiate, we try to move forward… sometimes we are wrong, sometimes we are not but we keep on dealing…

But we cannot manage society, money, crowds… we don’t have that kind of ability.

We can order a pizza for us, maybe the woman and the kids, but we cannot manage to order it for the whole family…it’s too risky.

For most, money is a lottery machine, you know, the lottery is not supposed to reward you much, so you get to go there to have some fun… play… but don’t be idiotic about getting rich in the gambling business, it’s for losers… 

We cannot deal with stock markets, that’s why most people see it as a gamble. It’s not… but it is a gamble.

The Modest Man Evaluates.

How am I doing? What am I doing? Where are we heading to? The economic world is moving up or down? How can we live a prosperous life with what we have?

We don’t think short-term… we do not want to deal with stocks… we see real business, not digits…numbers…graphics… 

We evaluate… are the balance sheets going up or down? We like a solid business… something that has real value… something we can touch, visit, work, call, meet real people!

Many prefer to ask the middle man for advice! It can be nuts (for your wealth)…not theirs… you know that’s how they pay their bills…transacting your money… we guess they don’t know better than you what’s coming…

Still, many businessmen ask the middle man… don’t evaluate their own business… that’s nuts… a man of luck? for how long?

More coming…

Marcelo Marini

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