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Project Number One: Master Plan your Future.

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To achieve more, we all need some tools, like constructing a building. Some tools are a necessity! In the case of creating your wealth, independence, and freedom, it’s the same.

We must develop new skills, work smarter, create wealth, and invest wisely. Our concepts, techniques, and tools will contribute to our achievements.

I always believed that we should prepare ourselves as sportspeople prepare for a game and the athletes prepare for an Olympic competition.

That is true because we can only achieve something if we have willpower and consistency.

Many people want to start without changing their lives. It’s not possible because first, you need to make space for the new to come. Getting rid of mental patterns, people, and mental stuff, perhaps make minor or major adjustments on the material stuff.

That’s why we’ll start with a plan to prepare yourself for the abundant life you deserve.

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • How long will it take to have it?
  • What are you willing to do to get to this achievement?

For the money to compound, it will depend on five factors.

  1. How much do you have?
  2. How much are you willing to have?
  3. How long are you willing to wait?
  4. How much is the interest rate going to be?
  5. Are you emotionally prepared for it?

So write those answers down on a separate sheet of paper. Here’s a clue.

  • The more you have, the easier to compound it.
  • The longer you are willing to wait, the better.
  • The interest rate can be 11%… depending on different times and your choices, but it will grow faster as long as you create more wealth in new forms and don’t mess it up. That’s a good point.
  • To get emotionally prepared for it, you will need to learn the concepts and improve.

A Master Plan for your future.

That’s how big cities, buildings, books, companies, and athletes achieve something great. If you want to achieve something great, I recommend starting as soon as possible.

Let’s start with your dreams, break down your dreams into goals, and right down your monthly goals, weekly objectives, and daily activities necessary to achieve your goal. 

Grabe a notebook with you daily so you can use your spare time to talk to yourself. Here are some examples:

  • Write down your goals, think about what you are going to accomplish today;
  • Draw something important to you;
  • Write down some notes;
  • Insights;
  • To-do lists;
  • Reflect upon what was achieved today and what you need to change tomorrow to achieve a better day;
  • Keep track of your commitments and performance.

Project number one:

  • Organization and Cleaning your life: Setting yourself ready for accomplishments.
  1. Dreams will become goals.
  2. Goals become 10-year goals.
  3. Yearly goals need to match the 10-year Master plan.
  4. Monthly goals to accomplish annual goals.
  5. Weekly objectives to accomplish your monthly goals.
  6. Daily tasks to accomplish weekly objectives.
  7. Daily notes to self to help you help yourself think about your actions, goals, objectives, tasks, progress, reflections, gratitude, and notes.

The seven projects to master plan your solid wealth-building creation are as follows.

Organization and cleaning all extra stuff should be the law in everything you do. Find the time at least to accomplish your dreams. Start by reorganizing your budget and adding spare time to reorganize plans, goals, objectives, and daily tasks.

Avoid changing objectives; it’s just a way of distracting yourself because you know what you need to be successful. You are also a risk to yourself if you don’t train your brain to do what is required, not what distracts you.

Mental Detox & Material Detox

Open your computer, Phone, Social Media, E-mail, Web browser, and work table and think.

What are the things, stuff, and people blocking my attention from getting where I want? Where I’m putting my attention daily, and for how long? Will my life change if I have more time for myself, my dreams, my family, and my objectives? What are the things that are excess baggage to me daily? Newspapers, news, social media, can I cancel subscriptions? Unfollow pages and people that I seem stuck in a mental block that covers my time with nonpositive things? How much e-mail marketing and news do I get daily? What are the Apps I can delete? Can I fix it all? Can I reorder where I put my attention without damaging what is most important to me?

Get your life back to you.

After doing your mental detox for a day or week, reflect upon how much of your life you have returned to you and how much new time you have now. Don’t feel guilty about living a better life. Everyone that puts in the right effort should experience the same reward.

It’s completely yours. 

Product: My life: 

Designed by me. 

Manufactured by my choices.

Now, don’t rush to put up new things in your life. Instead, take the time to feel what makes you love your life and feel grateful for it. 

  • Write some notes of the things you are grateful for; 
  • The things you want to achieve soon and in the long term;
  • What are the things you like doing that you miss doing that will benefit yourself and your family, happiness, health, and wealth if you decide to do it?

That’s the life you designed for yourself. It a rewarding to live. How can you get more of it?

Keep following the path.


Marcelo Marini

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