How not to lose money

Dear student,

One day I hope that you will discover the best practices about How to make money.

You can work for someone else, open a business, find a partner or learn to invest.

Everyone can learn how to make money, but you should start by not losing it.

The remarkable development of misery in humanity is the mental comparison and overthinking.

The one who did not learn to still calm and serene is always doing something, and by doing so, he develops a habit of unstoppable thinking.

When he meditates or thinks wisely, he uses systems and methods to help him develop their tranquility of mind and peace of mind.

It is by trying to be wealthy that people lose money and hope; it’s by the relentlessness of thinking that they sidetrack, in ways they need to restart again.

One of the ways of losing money is by not living a frugal life, not being conscious about the universal laws, or by inflating your ego.

Keeping things simple and learn to don’t call someone else’s attention to show off.

Not losing money requires not doing things just because you know the person is asking you a favor, making you a partner, or investing in something.

Not losing money requires a solid mind focused on the essential things, not on trying to make money. In fact, that’s how you can make money for centuries and generations, live wealthy for more time than one life could imagine.

I’m pretty sure everybody can be rich by learning to learn and applying specific rules.

But what’s more important is not to lose money. Then, when you learn to think, you can apply to part 2.

The good news is that both teachings are available to our students.

Think wisely, act right.



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About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

Businessman, financier, and author with over 20,000 readers across 4 continents.

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