The more you do the more you can…

Dear reader,

CANCUN, MEXICO – Yesterday was exciting!

We had our full agenda set and I got an extra goal achieved.

These days in the Caribbean Sea has been awesome in many aspects. This a more personal report.

When we first came to Cancun we thought of doing many tourism stuff. That’s is not what me and R. like to do… You know?

We set up a perfect routine many years ago and kept improving daily.

I believe that the more focused you are, the more you have things done. And at the end of the day what is important is to move forward with your goals and live the life you love.

In the last few years, I became a writer and kept my activities as a businessman and investor. That has allowed me to focus on helping more people get to their achievements – I was helped by many incredible people in my journey – Which made me think about helping others to achieve their goals.

To me, you gotta work, work, work and add value, add value, add value to those who seek for.

It’s a completely new approach in my field, and I have already made a nice difference in hundreds of people’s life.

As I like to say, life is more doing than thinking. Although you gotta be very organized to be a tough achiever.

Investing in the US

One of the best decisions I have made some years ago was to start investing in the US.

You know it’s contra census to do some things that you don’t know anybody that did, but I had the courage, even when people said that I could lose money by the dollar devaluation.

None of them was even close to what I was thinking could happen and that was what happened. I succeed and just by that I opened the door to many people that were thinking of so doing it but didn’t have the tenancy of doing it.

Don’t follow others

That’s my philosophy and that’s why I like teaching people. I believe everyone is unique and I’ve met so many people all over the world that had already realized their uniqueness. Some earlier than others and that doesn’t matter….

Because you can accomplish so many new things in a short period of time.

Excuse me for my redundancy…

The more you accomplish the more you can accomplish.

Bitcoin show is over?

Bitcoin & Gold

Did we say something wrong? Definitely not.

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Stay tuned, stay ahead.


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